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Can This Unique Plugin Help You Drive Targeted Purchaser Traffic From Google In Under a Week … Without Backlinks?

Is the P1 Content Magnet TRULY a Fast Money-Making Device?

Let me answer this question by going through a quick example of how P1 Content Magnet works …



Lets say you possess a site/blog about ‘Traveling to Europe'. Your site has a lot of various articles that talk about the most popular places in Europe, and you make commissions as an affiliate when individuals book flights and hotels through significant travel site.

Alright, so you have all these good articles and blogposts on your website, but the traffic is really small. Its difficult to obtain very first page positions for your keywords on Google, despite the fact that you're constructing plenty of back links.

So, you learn about the P1 Content Magnet plugin and choose to try it out. It appears that On-Page Search Engine Optimization on your website might be shorting of.

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After setting up the plugin, you see that P1 Content Magnet is recommending to ‘optimize' your content on your blogposts and articles in a VERY SPECIFIC way. Its providing you precise tips on the best ways to change the words in your content. The first thing you observe is that the recommendations have very little to do with actual ‘Keywords'.

So you customize your content based upon P1 Content Magnet's ideas. The plugin is likewise suggesting that you put rich media on each and every post/article. Finally, its recommending that each post be increased with ‘Google Authorship' and ‘Publisher' markups. To your surprise, adding all these things to your posts is truly simple, specifically with the help of the plugin.

In the final step, you setup ‘Rank Monitoring'. Now P1 Content Magnet is tracking your positions in Google ideal inside your WordPress admin. You're all finished setting everything up, and next comes the waiting video game …

About a week later on you log in to your wordpress admin to examine some of your positions, and to your surprise, your posts about ‘Hot London Vacationer Spots' and ‘Europe's Many Lovely Places' are ranking on the 1st page of Google! You dig a little much deeper and discover more than half of your posts remaining on either Page 1 or Page 2 of Google. And you have not built any backlinks just recently either!
When you go to Google and type in the keywords you're ranking for, you observe that your site is actually on the 1st page, but now there's a distinction. Your search engine result has your ‘profile image' alongside it, so its attracting a LOT even more attention.

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Yes, the P1 Content Magnet truly DOES aid you optimize your content. After the setting up the plugin, here's a fast recap of how it makes the Google Bots generally ‘love' your site:.

Assists optimize your content for ‘word frequency' from highest to lowest top priority.
Determines the presence of rich media on all your posts and pages (appropriate image & video).
Identifies and helps setup Google Authorship and Publisher markup (and a lot more).
Tracks your positions and shows you right from your wordpress admin (conserves time & cash).

‘Word frequency' is a brand new concept in content optimization. Essentially, its everything about specific words on your page, not the precise keyword expression.

For example, if you are trying to rank for ‘Top European Getaway Locations'… here's exactly what Google wishes to see on your page:.

The word ‘Top' ought to have the highest general frequency on your page.
The word ‘European' ought to have the Second highest frequency.
The word ‘Holiday' should be 3rd greatest.
The word ‘Locations' need to be 4th greatest.

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You see, its not about the keyword phrase any longer, its about the WORDS, and the frequency AND priority of those words.

P1 Content Magnet will certainly make it MUCH easier for you to ‘optimize' your content in the above structure. And, it'll also recommend LSI words, which are basic synonyms or related words that must appear on your page. These LSI/related words give your page a greater ‘relevance' and ‘trust' rating in Google's eyes.

Rich media on your page also offers a greater credit score in Google's eyes. Its as simple as putting an appropriate image and embedding a pertinent Youtube video.

Google Authorship and Publisher markup is essentially linking up a Google+ profile with your website, which helps Google identify your site as being ‘legit'. P1 Content Magnet has an upgrade module that take this to an ENTIRE new level.

Rank tracking is crucial, due to the fact that it reveals you exactly what kind of outcomes you're attaining. Understanding exactly how you're ranking permits you to take action and enhance your traffic. P1 Content Magnet not just tracks your primary keyword, but secondary keywords too. Often times the secondary keywords can drive more traffic to your site, and they're simpler to rank for.

So in summary, here's how P1 Content Magnet will certainly benefit you:.

Makes it much easier to turn your words into Google sweet (which offers your article/post a much greater ‘relevance' credit score).
Helps you effectively link and GROW your Google Authorship/Publisher (this signals large ‘trust' for your website).
Tracks your keyword rankings without needing different tools (this saves money & time, while helping you make much smarter decisions).

However the BIGGEST benefit of P1 Content Magnet, without a doubt, is that it can propel your site in the positions WITHOUT requiring extra back links or extra material. Thats why this plugin is extremely cost effective.

The Developer of P1 Content Magnet.

Peter Garety is the manufacturer of over 50 IM items, and he's quickly becoming a household name in the IM market. His main specialty is producing WordPress plugins, so you can be sure that his development team and technical support is going to be ALIVE for several years to come. All of his plugins and developed to increase traffic and or conversions.

The most vital thing to understand about Peter is that he practices exactly what he teaches. He has a number of blogs and websites that draw in free traffic from Google daily, and he makes money in a variety of different niches online.

His social media sites profiles are rich with fans and fans, and his Skype group is huge, because he likes to communicate with his customers and consumers.

With a combination of technical expertise and online marketing experience, you can feel confident knowing that his devices and techniques are made to assist companies grow.

What You Get with Page 1 (P1) Material Magnet.

Easy to Install WordPress Plugin.
Content Data Feature: For optimizing the words on each post/page.
Rank Tracking: Both automated and manual tracking of how your primary & secondary keywords are ranking in Google.
Authority Magnet: Optional upgrade that assists you draw in authority connected to your site, helping it get to the # 1 spot in Google.
Training Webinars & Materials: Peter will certainly show you ways to use the plugin for maximum advantage.
Access to Peter's Material Curation Group (Members helping Members).

Downsides of P1 Content Magnet (Exactly what I Don't Like).

It just works for WordPress, no other platform. So you need to have a WordPress site.

The other disadvantage is that it does not instantly ‘optimize' your content for you, it just makes it quicker & much easier. You'll still have to put in some effort.

The rank monitoring is setup using a Cron task, so you have to make sure your host allows it. Almost all of the significant hosting companies do enable cron tasks, but you still wanna check.

A few of the more powerful features are available as optional upgrades. If the plugin consisted of these upgrades at the base price, I would be really pleased. Even then, the basic plugin is still really helpful.

The last disadvantage is that P1 Content Magnet is not going to help you ‘select' high traffic keywords, and it won't assist you ‘transform' traffic into sales …


BUT, to resolve these trouble, I've produced a special bonus called the ‘P1 Quick Money' Academy, where I'll reveal you how to pick KILLER keywords that bring in lots of traffic (with low competition).

In my special ‘P1 Fast Cash money' Academy, I'll also reveal you the very best means to convert site visitors into Sales & Optins, so you can potentially DOUBLE your commissions and your e-mail list.

And if you do not have a niche or web site yet, I'll help you assess cash cow niches that crush it with traffic and sales … and are easy to get begun with.

My Unique P1 Content Magnet Benefit Will Help You Get More Money With This Plugin, and Get It Much Faster.

I'll earn a commission if you buy through my affiliate link. So to add value, I've personally developed the ‘P1 Quickly Money' Academy, which is a series of short lessons and quick ideas, delivered to your email one at a time. Right here's how these brief lessons and fast tips will certainly benefit you massively:.

)) Actionable suggestions that you can execute as soon as possible (easy to understand, no waiting).

)) Assist you select ‘cash cow' niches that generate quick cash money (best for affiliate marketing or your own items).

)) Ways to pick high traffic keywords with tons of need and low competition.

)) The simple method to recognize ‘buyer' keywords that draw in lots of sales and commissions.

)) How to rapidly amplify your traffic by leveraging the 2nd & 3rd biggest online search engine in the world (not Bing & Yahoo).

)) 2 effective ways to get high opt-in rates (so you can build a big email list quicker).

)) 3 Conversion techniques that permit you to double your conversions (and your revenues).

)) The concept of ‘reusing' traffic for much better overall results.

)) Dirt-cheap technique to select winning keywords before you establish content for them (this provides you x-ray vision on which keywords deserve targeting).

)) Underground social networks techniques to increase your Google ‘trust' much more.

)) Cheap, easy link building approaches that keep you Penguin safe and boost your positions even more.

)) Ways to scale up & automate your websites/blogs to the next level for big paydays (turn it into a six-figure company).

)) and far more …

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