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P1 Targeting App Bonus and Review

P1 Targeting App Enterprise Bonus
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What's P1 Targeting App?

It's an one of a kind, cloud based pivotal word research & mapping framework that causes online advertisers to discover lucrative and simple to rank decisive words in pretty much any corner possible.
Keyword Research

•Main component of SEO and Internet marketing.
•Keyword research is one of the best skills you can master.
•Keywords are how you reach people online.
•Finding buyer keywords or “money” keywords is a real art.
•High traffic keywords are not always the best ones to go after.
•Studies show that only 30% of searches are popular phrases.
•Phrases like “golf” or “weight loss”
•Industry keywords.
•More specific keywords lead to more qualified traffic.
•Long tail keywords.
•Keyword phrases longer than three or more keywords.
•For Example:
•“digital camera” (Not Specific)
•“Canon Eos Rebel T3i Review” (Very Specific)

P1 Targeting App is an awesome keyword tool
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P1 Targeting App
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